Nourishing Principles

Nourishing Principles

These principles are applicable to any situation, and can turn an otherwise draining experience into one that is nourishing. When they become embodied in every moment you will become a source of nourishment for yourself, your community, and the world.

  1. Cultivate a nourishing intent.

The intent leads, the qi follows the intent, the fluids follow the qi, and the tissues follow the fluids.

The tissues of the body are all suspended in fluid, yes ALL the tissues, even the skin. We have an evaporation field that surrounds our whole body, we do not end at the skin! The fluids nourish the tissues; hydrating them, detoxifying waste products, transporting hormones and nutrients. From a physical perspective we are mostly fluid, not tissue. Remember this when moving the body! When the Ocean moves, the whole body of water moves, not just the wave. When we learn to move like the Ocean, from the inside out, our movements become much more powerful and nourishing. From our very beginning as a single cell we are fluid and whole. When the mind becomes fragmented our experience of the body becomes stiff and disconnected. As we heal the body, regaining fluidity and connectedness, the mind realizes its inherent wholeness.

The fluids then are suspended in and nourished by the qi. Qi, is often translated as “energy” but that doesn’t quite give the right picture. “Informational energy” is closer. Qi is energy but it’s energy that carries with it information. For instance; when you’re waiting in a long line and the person behind you is getting irritated, you can feel their irritation without even looking at them. You can feel their energy but it carries with it information about what their mind/intent is doing. Or perhaps you walk into an alleyway and get the chills and the hair on the back of your neck stands up. These are signs of your system interpreting the qi of the space, and the qi carries with it the information of what has happened there, what has been cultivated there, and that it is something that is not good. For a positive example I’ll use something from my own life; I’ve often had people when first walking into my treatment room tell me how just stepping into the space makes them feel more relaxed and peaceful. That’s because I’ve used my treatment room for helping people heal, and so the space now resonates that in its informational field.

The qi is governed by the intent. What that means is that whatever kind of intent you have, that’s what kind of qi you will cultivate. If I intend to help people heal, it cultivates a nourishing qi field. If I am angry it cultivates an injurious, ungrounding, upward pushing qi field. If I am anxious it cultivates a dispersive qi field. So the number one Nourishing Principle is to cultivate a nourishing intent. This guides everything else.