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Lucas has been giving massage since his childhood and began his professional studies of the practice in 2012 at Lane Community College's Massage Program. He graduated from the program in 2014 and has had a succesful private practice  since then.


He was a cross-country and track athlete through

college (LCC), and then began running marathons. During this type of extreme physical exertion he sustained some injuries that made it difficult to continue running so he began to explore more holistic healing modalities.

About Lucas

Massage Training


He studied Hatha and Kundalini Yoga intensly for several years before discovering Qigong. During this time he was exposed to Craniosacral Therapy and re-discovered the benefits of and his passion for Massage.  This exploration has given him a deep and broad understanding of the physical and energetic body and how to help restore it to a healthy, balanced system.

Craniosacral Training

Lucas was first introduced to Craniosacral Therapy (CST) in 2011 when he received a life changing treatment from a craniosacral therapist. He had already been studying an energy healing system from Tom Brown Jr. for 2 years when he received his first CST treatment.  " At one point the practitioner touched my forehead and my whole world changed.  My state of consciousness shifted to being more open, present, and aware and energy filled my body, dispelling all pain and discomfort. In that moment I knew that I had to learn this profound modality so I could help other people experience this powerful healing practice."

Lucas began reading books on CST and learning what he could informally from other practitioners until he was able to enroll in a formal program in 2015. He completed a 700hr. training of the Biodynamic approach to CST with Robyn Michele Jones in June of 2018.

The Spiritual Path

Lucas' first experience with a formal meditation practice was when he was 5 years old.  His family were members of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Yakima, Washington, an interfaith organization that exposed him to a wide range of belief structures.  In 1993 a Buddhist Lama visited the church and led the children's group through a meditation practice. 


Life twisted and turned and though contemplative and curious, Lucas didn't connect with any formal teachings again until 2007 when his father, Duane Weiss, took him to his first silent retreat at Shasta Abbey Buddhist Monastery. This experience awakened something in him that gave him passion to pursue his studies more deeply.

In 2008, under the guidance of his mother, Jaye Weiss, he attended his first Tracker School class.  The skills of wilderness survival, tracking, and awareness that Tom Brown Jr. taught touched his heart and connected him to the Earth in a way he hadn't felt before.  The practice of living in harmony with nature  is a sacred journey and became a focal point for his spiritual studies.  Lucas still maintains connection with this lineage and the sacred teachings of Grandfather Stalking Wolf, as shared by Tom Brown Jr.

"The Earth is the most pure teacher one will ever find within the realm of form. She doesn't speak in loud confidence, but in a humble whisper, and in the stillness of The Sacred Silence.  In order to receive her teachings we must embody humility, speak in but a whisper, and walk within the stillness of the sacred silence."


Lucas began teaching in 2014 and he continues his spiritual deepening through studying the Taoist tradition and cultivating the skills of wilderness survival. He is currently teaching through the Vision Quest, Taichi/Qigong, and in one-on-one meetings.  If you're interested in learning from him please contact him.

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