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Vision Quest

"I consider the Vision Quest to be the most powerful spiritual practice available to humanity."

Malcolm Ringwalt

The Vision Quest is an ancient rite of passage.  It has been commonly used by indigenous peoples as a coming of age ritual to find one's place in the world,  but for those who seek the deeper spiritual truths, The Quest will be used again and again through out their lives.

The Vision Quest is a powerful spiritual tool that we can use for gaining insight into who we really are, what our gifts are, and how we can best serve the whole.  Being alone in nature without all the distractions of our everyday life gives us the opportunity to quiet our minds and hear our heart's calling.  We each have a unique part to play within the world, something that no one else can tell us.  We have to find this on our own, and The Vision Quest is the most direct and powerful practice we can use to gain this insight.

The Quests offered here are done in the tradition of Grandfather Stalking Wolf, a Lipan Apache scout and medicine man. Stalking Wolf traveled without a car or plane across North and South America, from the tundra of Canada to the southern most tip of South America.  He lived at one with the Earth.  Throughout his travels he learned and shared as much as he could with people of all traditions.

This Quest does not come from any one tradition, but is a synthesis of what Grandfather Stalking Wolf learned throughout his life.  He distilled the essential aspects of practice from the various traditions, leaving out the culturally specific parts.  In doing this he developed a practice with immense spiritual potency that is available to anyone, no matter what their beliefs may be.


Quests are generally held annually in the summer months. There are no Quests scheduled at this time, but please email Lucas if you are interested, and he will keep you up to date on when the next one becomes scheduled.

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