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Therapeutic balance boards, designed to correct hip, spine, and shoulder imbalances.

Lucas Weiss developed these boards after a search for a tool to reveal and correct imbalances in the body. He found that with other styles of balance boards where the balance point moves, someone with an imbalance in their bodies will end up moving the balance point to favor the imbalance rather than correct it. By fixing the balance point in the middle it forces the left and right sides of the body, from head to toe, to be in harmony in order to find stability on the board.


These boards are great for opening and strengthening the spine. They also help cultivate a stable attention, which is great for people with ADHD and dissociative tendencies. In order to find balance the mind must be able to focus on the balance point 

without distraction. When you lose focus there is immediate, physical feedback - you lose balance! By balancing the body

we balance the mind!

Beyond Body Balance Boards

If your favorite design is out of stock, choose custom order and select your design from the drop down list.

Custom boards take up to 2 months to create. 

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