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Qi Gong and Internal Martial Arts Class List

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 Qigong, roughly translates to "energy skill." It is a practice that works with the subtle energy of the body to cultivate health, vitality, and spiritual insight.

Class Fees: $15 per class

Monthly Memberships Available

Weekly classes are recorded so if you cant make the allotted time you can still participate

Chansi Gong -

Chansi means "silk-reeling" and refers to the spiraling movements that are trained in this set. In nature, all energy spirals and when we train this movement we begin to move in a more natural way, with increased fluidity and ease. When the dantian qi is full and the joints are open, the spiraling movements of silk-reeling convey qi throughout the channels to connect all of the eighteen joints of the body together as one. This generates the tremendous power and fluidity of movement that is the hallmark of Chen style.

Xingyi Quan 

Xing Yi is a more linear and martial appearing style compared to bagua or taichi. It is said that it is the easiest to learn initially, but the most difficult to master.

Hunyuan Gong -

Chen-style Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan (abbreviated as Hunyuan Taiji) is the Taiji (tai-chi) lineage where the Hunyuan Gong set originates from. This is a very unique and powerful qigong set that was developed by Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang.  

In this set we gather energy from our environment to open the meridians (energy channels of the body), develop Dantian (a storage area for qi, translates to "elixir field"), and cultivate stillness. This set has a profound ability to heal the body and has been known to heal issues like whiplash, scoliosis, organ dysfunction, and many others.

HunYuan Taiji Simplified 24 Form 

The hallmarks of Chen style Taijiquan are variation in speed, alternating soft and explosive movements, and a kind of spiraling movement called Chansi Jin (silk reeling energy). This Hunyuan form comes from the Chen style, but has a deeper emphasis on nourishing and internal cultivation. Qigong is a prerequisite for this class.


Bagua is one of the three main internal styles of martial arts. It includes more complex foot work than Taichi, and trains one to be able to move in any direction while remaining rooted. It is as complex as it is beautiful.

Private Instruction available. To find out more, Contact Luke.

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