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This series is a set of classes recorded live, that cover the fundamental principles, methods, and overall view of the internal alchemical practice commonly referred to as Qigong. It is designed to bring new comers into a clear view of what this practice really is, and to take advanced practitioners to an even deeper place of understanding.


The first set covers:

  • The principles of softness and stillness and what those terms really mean.
  • What is proper practice?
  • A brief history of the practice and where it takes us as practitioners.
  • The different types of cultivation.
  • Explore and go into detail on the movements from the Hunyuan Qigong set.


Some of the topics covered in Course 2 are:

  • The proper use of intent.
  • How to establish the Internal Frame.
  • Setting up the alchemical apparatus.
  • Energetic Anatomy.
  • Returning to our Original Nature.


In course 3 we discuss:

  • The role of connective tissue in alchemy
  • Taoist Cosmology
  • Yin Yang Theory
  • 5 Element Theory
  • and the difference between change and transformation

QiGong Theory Online Course Complete Series, Classes1 -12

  • Document with Class links for viewing and downloading videos will download after purchase.

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