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Meditation and Spiritual Studies


"Our True Nature is unborn within the vast Womb of Consciousness, always loved, always cared for, never separate."


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3575 Donald St. Ste 150

Eugene, OR, 97405

Lucas Weiss, LMT 

Suffering is an inevitable part of life.  The world is full of dissatisfaction and confusion, but yet we keep searching for happiness and truth.  There is something deep within ourselves that tells us abiding peace and happiness are attainable, that there is truth within the world of confusion, and so we have no choice but to search for this seemingly illusive treasure.  That deep peace and happiness is in fact an aspect of our true selves.  So how do we recognize the truth of who we really are in a world that seems so separate and full of suffering?  Through proven meditation practices and the examination of ancient and contemporary spiritual literature we can peel away the veils of darkness that cloud us from our True Nature and become one with abiding peace and happiness. 

Spiritual Practice Group

The Spiritual Practice Group is the format that I am currently teaching in. It is a 9 month commitment, meeting at least twice a month, which can be done in person or over zoom.  These teachings are not for people who are simply curious about spiritual practice, but for those who are serious about transforming themselves and their view of reality. Spiritual Awakening is not something that often comes from casual practice, it takes a deep commitment and diligent practice. If this is you I offer my time and teachings by donation base, but with the expectation that you will pour yourself into the practice.

The next group will begin Sept 2021. Please click the button below and send me an email if you would like to sign up.

Click the button on the left to set up a time where we can talk more and see if this practice is for you. Bless.

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