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"Our True Nature is unborn within the vast Womb of Consciousness, always loved, always cared for, never separate."


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Lucas Weiss, LMT 

Suffering is an inevitable part of life.  The world is full of dissatisfaction and confusion, but yet we keep searching for happiness and truth.  There is something deep within ourselves that tells us abiding peace and happiness are attainable, that there is truth within the world of confusion, and so we have no choice but to search for this seemingly illusive treasure.  That deep peace and happiness is in fact an aspect of our true selves.  So how do we recognize the truth of who we really are in a world that seems so separate and full of suffering?  Through proven meditation practices and the examination of ancient and contemporary spiritual literature we can peel away the veils of darkness that cloud us from our True Nature and become one with abiding peace and happiness. 

Lucas was first introduced to meditation at the age of 5 by a Buddhist Lama. He studied with various teachers until 2011 when his inner vision guided him to Matthew Sieradski, spiritual teacher at The Center for Sacred Sciences, where Lucas has been a member since 2012.  In 2015 Lucas had a Gnostic Awakening, which has been authenticated by his teacher, and began teaching at the Center in 2017.

The Center for Sacred Sciences is an interfaith congregation located in Eugene, Oregon. The Center was founded in 1987 by Joel Morwood, a student of the late great-grandmaster of American mysticism and non-dual philosophy, Franklin Merrell-Wolff. The Center’s teachings draw on the mystics of the great religious traditions of the world, which unanimously teach the ultimate reality of selflessness. From this Truth of selflessness flow the manifestations of Love in all its forms. Recognizing our essential non-difference with all forms is the understanding of this Truth of Love that brings abiding peace and happiness, the goal of all spiritual pursuits and the recognition of the purpose of life as well.

Lucas has also studied with Tom Brown Jr. at Trackerschool since 2008.  Tom's teachings come from a Lipan Apache scout and medicine man named Stalking Wolf.  These teachings have an emphasis on connection with the Earth and cultivation of awareness and survival skills.

These two lineages share a similar vision: to find the common thread of Truth throughout all religions and share practices that can help us realize this Truth within our own experience.  These practices have been adapted to fit our current, scientifically based culture, making them accessible to everyone, whatever your beliefs might be. 

Click the button on the left to set up a spiritual consultation or private meditation instruction. This is a labor of love and is offered at no cost.  If you feel called to offer something, donations are humbly accepted.  Contact Luke if you would like more info, or to be put on our mailing list.

*Private consultation is not part of The Center for Sacred Science's curriculum.