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Helping You Return to Wholeness

The words healthy, whole, and holy are all derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, Hal. 
At one time there was only one word to express these three ideas. In order to truly be healthy we must become whole again. Body, mind, and spirit, functioning as one fully integrated system. 
That is the mission here at Beyond Body Healing Arts, to help you return to wholeness, the full embodiment of your True Self.
"Lucas is an inspired Therapist who has helped me heal from a car accident, surgery and general aches and pains. He listens, explains the process and puts you at ease so that you always get the maximum out of your session with him. He is a true healer."
~ Laura Z.

QI Gong/Taichi Classes

Offering weekly classes in Internal Martial Arts; Qigong, Taiji, Xingyi, and Bagua. These practices work with the body and its subtle energy to cultivate health, vitality, and spiritual insight.

Not just pain management, it's Transformative Healing

Getting out of pain is a crucial step in our healing, but it is really just the tip of the iceberg.  A full state of health means a complete embodiment of our True Self.  Using a sophisticated blend of hands-on techniques as well as movement and meditation practices, I have the skills and experience to not only get you out of pain but to help you along your Journey to Wholeness.

Pressure Point Massage
Massage Therapy

Transformative healing with Connective Tissue Therapy and 

techniques from Thai Massage, Myofascial Release, and Triggerpoint Therapy.

Reiki Treatment
Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle-touch therapy that works with the wholeness of our being and the intrinsic forces of health within the body.

Balance Boards


Therapeutic balance boards designed to correct hip, spine, and shoulder imbalances. Develop stable attention, a clear sense of midline, true core strength, a strong root and open the central channel. Balance body and mind.

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