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The Transformative Healing Program

This page is still under construction. If you would like more information on this program please contact Luke.

This is a unique program designed for those who are interested in taking their healing beyond what normal bodywork sessions have to offer.  This is the comlete package.  It is a 6 month program where we will meet once a week for 90 minutes.  These sessions will be a combination of bodywork, meditation, and movement practices.  We will cover meditation and mindfulness practices to employ in your everyday life to help peel away the layers of unconscious conditioning that cause suffering.  You will also recieve bodywork, where we will somteimes incorporate mindfulness practices into the work as well as deepening your education of the work.  Qigong and various stretches or workouts may also be incorporated if you have more of an inclination towards body practices.  


Since this program requires a commitment, and is only for those who are serious about self transformation, I offer my time at a severly discounted rate.  The whole program costs only $1200, which comes out to $50 per 90 min. session.  You may pay all at once or split it into 6 payments of $200.

Space for this program is limited to 3 students at a time so if you're interested contact Luke to find out when the next opening is.

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